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Perfecting Your Bagger’s Fit: The Ultimate Guide to Rider Position
The guide to a controlled and comfortable riding position An excellent handling motorcycle begins with proper fitting  ergonomics and body position, especially for a high-performance American V-Twin bagger. Heaving an 800-plus pound Harley-Davidson or Indian through the twisties or around the racetrack requires a lot of physical exertion. And truthfully, the standard position of these tourers could be more conducive to an efficient and in-command stance needed to control the motor …
Baggers Pushing the Boundaries: How Bagger Racing Has Evolved the Market
Racing drives purposeful design that every enthusiast can benefit from. What started as a wild idea to race Harley-Davidson and Indian V-twin touring platforms at the racetrack has blown up into an industry-wide craze, reaping benefits for the entire bagger community. As the pinnacle of MotoGP pushes the boundaries of what was once possible for consumer-purchasable sportbikes, the highest levels of bagger racing—the MotoAmerica King of the Bagger series and the Bagger Racing League—have followe …
V-Twin Suspension Upgrades 101: Your Ultimate Guide
Analyzing every option for V-Twin suspension upgradesFunction comes before form in the search for better handling, increased ground clearance, control, and power. Leave any extra heft or nonsense at the curb and focus solely on performance. It’s about taking these V-twins to the edge of performance and further than they were ever meant to, and passing the sport bikes in the process.Secondary to upgrading your Harley-Davidson or Indian’s rider triangle for more leverage and an attack-style positi …
Top 5 Track Day Mods for Your V-Twin
The most effective ways to decrease your lap time. The high-performance American V-twin scene is quickly making its way to racetracks around the United States and destroying the dreams of sportbike geeks in the process. While the MotoAmerica King of the Baggers and Bagger Racing League may be the pinnacle of American V-twin racing, track days are being increasingly overwhelmed with Harley baggers. That said, it doesn’t take a highly sophisticated and ridiculously expensive race machine t …
When is it Time to Upgrade Your American V-Twin’s Wheels?
The When and Why to V-Twin Aftermarket Wheels The good news is that you don’t need to invest in ultra-expensive upgrades to unlock better performance out of your V-twin. Simple parts like Kraus pullback plates and pullback risers allow riders to enjoy smoother handling and performance out of their bike. Maybe you’ve done all the internal mods to your crate engine and fine-tuned the chassis for better handling, but have you ever thought about upgrading the wheels? It sounds mundane, …

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