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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ


Suspension is the number one most important improvement that can be made to a motorcycle. Your tires are the connection between your motorcycle and the ground, traction is of utmost importance on a motorcycle. Your bike’s suspension is responsible for keeping your tires in contact with the ground and maintaining traction. The suspension must accomplish this task over a wide spectrum of road conditions while keeping the bike stable and simultaneously giving you a comfortable ride.

On the majority of modern motorcycles this is accomplished at the front by forks with modern, quality damping technology. Unfortunately Harley-Davidsons are not known for their suspension. Harleys use heavy components with old, outdated and non adjustable fork technology that offers minimal damping.

Damping function of a fork is important because it controls the speed at which a fork compresses and rebounds. Inverted forks have more capability for quality adjustable damping.

Brake dive needs to be controlled so that the motorcycle can be slowed safely without changes in geometry that can result in ill-handling or loss of traction. Inverted forks offer more strength and rigidity in conjunction with KRAUS triple trees and can handle the heavy weight of these motorcycles. Unsprung weight is minimized with Inverted forks and offers better action over bumps and bad road conditions.

Kraus Inverted Front End packages offer you the highest quality performance suspension systems in complete bolt on packages. No customization to your stock components is necessary.

Front forks on a motorcycle need to be rigid, to function as suspension parts. They also need to be as light as possible. Read more

  • KRAUS Suspension Performance Packages are complete and turnkey, all parts are OEM spec and fitment.
  • Hardware is top quality.
  • Every single stock piece of OEM stock bodywork/brake lines/wiring and such fits.
  • We do all of the R&D work on all of our products ourselves.
  • We test ALL of our goods to an extreme degree.
  • We are an enthusiast company.
  • We specialize in serving the V-Twin market.
  • We use the best parts and materials we can source.
  • Our suspension component partners are the best in the world. Ohlins performance systems are manufactured overseas and Race Tech is manufactured in the U.S. We work with these two manufacturers because of their uncompromising quality and performance.

A full KRAUS Suspension Performance Package comes complete down to the last nut and bolt and maintains full and absolute OEM fitment. These full Performance Packages include:

  • Triple Trees
  • Fork Legs (choice of brand & brake caliper mount type: axial/ radial)
  • Axle - the right size, with nut & washers, all made by KRAUS
  • Wheel Spacer Kit necessary to fit your fitment
  • Rotor Spacers
  • Fender Mounts

Our Dynamoto SP (Sport Performance) triple tree’s have a proprietary offset that we have found give a better overall feel and handling to the motorcycle.

Our ST (Sport Touring) triple trees use all the factory dimensions so the factory rake and trail remain the same. Our ST (Sport Touring) Suspension Performance Packages are a complete stock OEM replacement. Neck bearings, Stock body work, brakes and fender are all compatible. You can use any fender of your choice that is a replacement for stock.

We work hard to keep manufacturing in-house. We have close relationships with a few local specialty suppliers that assist us in making sure our inventory is kept current. All finishing work is done in-house.

Specialty parts like fork leg components are either made by RaceTech, an American Company located in California, or Ohlins, which are manufactured overseas, both are high quality, hi-performance brands, we are proud to partner with.

Most sport bike forks are not long enough to allow for the correct geometry of Harleys. Besides that, sport bike forks have been manufactured by their factory for a specific model of motorcycle so, to be usable for a V-TWin application they must be sprung and valved, an added expense. Because radial brake calipers cannot be adjusted axially, brake rotor and caliper alignment will probably be off. KRAUS Axle and Wheel Spacer sets are designed to fit our Ohlins and Race Tech forks. Bottom line: we do not support fitments for sport bike forks.

In our experience, we have found that by the time someone locates a good set of used sport bike forks that are not bent or damaged, has them re-sprung and valved by a qualified shop, adds new seals and bushings, and creates custom axle and spacers there is not much savings. Plus, even after that, you’re still stuck with a set of forks that are not the correct length.


Don’t worry - call us ASAP at (707) 595-0950 and our team will help you sort it out. We want you happy and back on your bike riding!

Yes, replacement parts are readily available all of our Suspension Performance Packages and Accessories. Typically the types of replacement and maintenance parts include: gaskets, seals, brake pads and fork oil.

Our Fork manufacturer partners offer “return/rebuild“ services, and we strongly recommend you send these specialized parts back to the capable folks who made them.

Nothing in our Suspension Performance Package product line requires proprietary knowledge, except for fork leg rebuilding and tuning. We suggest you work with a qualified tech for installation and typical maintenance of one of our Performance Packages.

Sure. We recommend that you don't alter functional aspects of our goods, but appearance? That's all you.

Once the forks have been built and adjusted for you by either RaceTech or OHLINS, they are no longer adjustable in terms of ride height. Preload, rebound and compression yes, but not fork length. There is some subtle adjustment possible by adjusting fork tube position with the triple trees.

All of our fork options have adjustable preload, refer to our install guides to set your sag.

We suggest that fork oil is replaced yearly, or every 10K miles.

Yes, so we suggest that you send your fork leg suspension systems back to the original manufacturers for rebuild and tuning.


Yes. There is a 15% restocking fee for all returns if the product in its original packaging and returned within 30 days of the date of receipt. If the product was removed from its original packaging the restocking fee will be 25% of the original purchase price. All third party (non-Kraus branded) products will be charged a 25% restocking fee. Damaged product will not be refunded. If you choose to return your order, please contact our sales staff for a Return Authorization (RA) and shipping label. Return shipping will be subtracted from the refund total.

View our return policy here.

Please allow 24-48 hours for orders to be shipped, if the product is in stock. Orders ship complete when all products are available and ready to ship. Partial shipments should be requested through our Sales department by contacting Please provide your order number in the subject line of your email. Inquiries are normally answered within 24 hours.

Kraus makes every effort to keep inventory available, however we cannot guarantee stock on hand at all times. If you need a product by a certain date, please contact to confirm the item you need is in stock and can ship in the timeframe needed.

3rd party products are not guaranteed to be in stock and may have extended lead times depending on availability. Please contact to check 3rd party product availability.

View our return policy here.

  1. Please inspect your order upon receipt for any possible damage that could have occurred during shipment or other discrepancy. Contact us immediately with your claim. Claims must be made within 10 days of receipt of the order.
  2. If you make a claim within 10 days of order receipt we will work with you to come to a reasonable solution in a timely manner. Please note - We only replace items if they are defective or damaged upon receipt, which is extremely rare.
  3. Every claim will be reviewed and inspected. Be prepared to provide pictures of your package and/or the product in question. In order to finalize a claim, we must have the original product returned to us, at your cost, for inspection.
  4. If it is found that Kraus Motor Co. was at fault for the claim we will ship out a replacement product at no charge to you or give you a full refund, whichever you prefer. We will refund you the shipping cost you incurred to return the product to us.
  5. If it is found that Kraus Motor Co. was NOT at fault for the claim, we will contact you with our inspection findings. If the claim was do to user error, we might be able to fix the error but we will have to charge you for that time and/or material cost. If the product is damaged beyond repair, you can purchase a new product. You will not be refunded for the original product or any shipping charges incurred.

Kraus Motor Co. performance products are warranted against defects in material or workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. Incorrect installations are not covered under this warranty. We want our customers happy, so if there is a question regarding warranty coverage, give us a call. View Warranty

Product Information

Kraus Motor Co offers custom one-off pieces and parts at the discretion of Kraus Motor Co. We’ve designed these Performance Packages to visually work on as wide a variety of machine types and looks as possible. With that said, within the KRAUS line, the standard finishes are Black Anodized and Machine Finish. Note: Machine Finish is not a show polish finish.

Like most finishes, anodizing is delicate and can be scratched. Extra care should be taken during installation and cleaning of all of our parts. Although we use a high grade type 2 anodizing that has UV resistance, anodizing is an organic process / substance and can fade with excessive sun exposure.

NOTE: Kraus Motor Co. products are designed and engineered to be compatible with OEM fitments. Kraus Motor Co. does NOT GUARANTEE fitments with aftermarket and 3rd-Party offerings.

KRAUS Suspension packages allow you to maintain complete and total OEM Stock fitment. Your stock parts fit like they belong, and you still have a wide choice of aftermarket accessories.

KRAUS focuses most of its attention on two segments of the Harley-Davidson™ lineup - the Dyna, FXD, and the FLH & FLT platforms: Baggers and Dyna’s, but we also offer the DYNAMOTO SP for fitment on: FXR, Softail™ and XL.

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