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Achieving the Ultimate High-Performance Bagger Aesthetic
Tips for the performance-minded bagger kit.Look fast, go fast. Haven’t you heard the saying?The truth is, high-performance bagger builds are some of the coolest creations on two wheels. There’s nothing more impressive than hurling an 800-plus pound American V-twin Harley or Indian bagger down Laguna Seca’s iconic corkscrew, holding the throttle at the stop around the high banks of Daytona, or passing sportbike heroes on the backroads. Performance aside, these baggers are as much works of art as …
How the American V-Twin Scene Has Evolved Over the Past Decade
A Passion for Performance. The American V-twin scene has changed dramatically in the last decade. Gone are the exotic big-wheel dressers that were more aesthetically pleasing than rideable. Instead, new innovations and aftermarket bolt-on parts by innovative companies like Kraus have enabled riders to balance comfort and performance with aesthetics for revolutionary new builds. For example, products  pullback risers and triples trees designed for V-twin Harleys allow for simple ergo …
What’s the Most Effective Entry-Level Performance Upgrade on a Modern V-Twin?
Here’s why ergonomics is everything for a rider. Imagine building the most wicked high-performance American V-twin bagger imaginable. It’s souped up with a crate engine with ripping horsepower, top-shelf suspension components, and a serious amount of carbon composite. Unfortunately, if your bike still lacks proper control and handling, those performance gains become more of a hindrance than an improvement. The easy fix? Finding an optimal riding position that balances control, leverage, …
Why Choose An Inverted Front Fork Suspension
WHY AN INVERTED FRONT FORK SUSPENSION IS SUPERIOR TO A CONVENTIONAL (TUBE & SLIDER) FRONT SUSPENSION Front forks on a motorcycle need to be as rigid as possible, to function as effective suspension parts. They also need to be as light as possible. An inherent advantage of inverted forks is their weight, they're lighter than conventional front ends. A steel fork tube is the heaviest part of a traditional fork assembly. By design, inverted forks have shorter and thinner walled fork tu …
The Museum of Craft and Design's doors are now open! We are thrilled to announce that the MCD is now open to the public! Experience MOTO MMXX, a show-stopping custom motorcycle exhibition guest curated by co-founder and director of Untitled Motorcycles, Hugo Eccles. MOTO MMXX is a cutting-edge motorcycle exhibition that challenges the audience’s perception of the traditional motorcycle and highlights possible directions that the industry is going, can go, or should go. The exhibition showcas …

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