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About Us

About the Company.

Kraus Motor Company is a design and innovation company dedicated to supporting the Harley-Davidson™ enthusiast market by offering state of the art performance suspension, braking and ergonomics systems. These Kraus Motor Company components and systems make the Harley-Davidson™ ownership and riding experience better - more fun, more precise and more easily controlled. Additionally, these parts and systems have a flawless and beautiful appearance which are guaranteed to enhance the look of any Harley-Davidson™ machine.

Recognized in the custom Harley-Davidson™ motorcycle industry as an innovative company, Kraus Motor Co. is one of the leading Harley-Davidson™ aftermarket component shops in North America. Kraus motorcycles win top honors at World Championship shows and those same machines also break land speed records on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Seeing a clearly defined need for superior suspension systems and leveraging successes on the bike show circuit, Kraus Moto has taken it upon itself to offer a number of parts and systems that can bring an average, stock Harley-Davidson™ motorcycle to a whole new level in terms of handling and braking performance.

We’ve stepped away from being a full custom bike shop, to focus our attention and team on manufacturing hi-performance suspension systems. While there are Companies offering look-alikes and variations on the designs we’ve pioneered and adapted to the Harley-Davidson™product line, none can match Kraus in terms of fit, finish and service. Me-too’s are never as well done as the original from which they got inspiration, copies are just that - copies.

Kraus Motor Company’s engineering and design efforts are clearly focussed on ergonomics and rider comfort. Respect and appreciation for the history of Harley-Davidson™ motorcycle design have instilled KMC’s style with classic design cues.

Kraus Moto is not changing Harley-Davidson™, it’s simply improving on what is already a strong, made in America platform.

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