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Chief Kickback Isolated Risers

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2019 Harley-Davidson Road-Glide
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2019 Harley-Davidson Road-Glide
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Product Description

Increase rider comfort and control with our Chief Kickback Isolated Riser.

The Chief Kickback Risers add just the right amount of pullback to create the perfect ergonomic fit. Utilizing our proprietary vibration isolation technology the Kickback also incorporates a one-piece structural center section that increases rigidity and decreases the riders reach by 1.5".

The Riser Legs are solid-mounted to the top triple tree with our supplied billet bushings offering a completely slop-less control system and increased control over your front end and bike.

Rubber vibration isolators have been designed into our billet midsection bar clamp to take out any high frequency vibration. The result is increased rider comfort and superior performance due to the more rigid, responsive setup.

Handlebar clamping area is 1⅛" for MX style bars or 1" for traditional OEM and aftermarket bars.

Additional Features

  • Our hard-mounted risers create a super solid bar feel.
  • Moving the bushings up dramatically decreases vibration.
  • Bushing life is increased and requires less maintenance.
  • We designed our risers to be modular, meaning you can swap out your riser legs at any point should you choose to go with something taller/shorter. No need to buy a whole new riser setup. See the Riser Legs product page for more info.


  • 2022 Indian chief lineup including the chief, chief dark horse, chief bobber, chief bobber dark horse, super chief, super chief limited.
  • Not compatible with Kraus T-bar clamp , t-rex pull back plate or raptor pull back plate.
  • Fits ODI podium bars only!
  • Wire harness extensions, longer clutch and front brake lines are required to install kit. these kits are available through an authorized Indian dealership.
  • Bottom bar clamp has an opening to accommodate hidden wiring. Choose between a 1⅛" Moto bar or traditional 1" bar. We offer a bar clamp for both.

Handlebar Install Kit - Long

  • Item #2885101 for 8,10,12 riser

Handlebar Install Kit - Mid

  • Item #2885100 for 5 inch riser

Height is measured from the bottom of the riser to the middle of the bar clamp.

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