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Kraus Moto Inverted Front Ends are designed and engineered to be the absolute best suspension system for Harley performance handling.

The Sport Performance bolt on kit takes the guesswork out of inverted front suspension on Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Suspension is at the core of a properly functioning motorcycle. It’s engineered to keep traction to the ground, stabilizes the motorcycle in adverse road conditions, limits brake dive, and helps maintain control giving the rider piece of mind and comfort.

Kraus has been designing, engineering and testing inverted suspension and braking systems for Harleys in real world punishing, riding conditions. We have chosen the best available technology and have engineered the best possible functional design to improve handling performance. Our teams efforts have resulted in high quality complete Inverted Front End packages ready to bolt on to all major Harley models. The demand for quality suspension products for Harleys is growing and Kraus is leading the way with our kits. The Quality of the product, the ease of installation and the improvements in performance function, safety, and aesthetics is the driving force behind the growing demand.

Fitments available for all Harley Davidson Dyna, FXR, Sportster and Softail models.

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