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If there’s one builder in the industry who favors function over form, it’s got to be Satya Kraus. Satya has a firm belief that all bikes should be able to perform utilizing the latest technology available and not just look pretty sitting still at a bike show or parking lot. He has built a reputation as one of the leaders in V-twin technology, working hand in hand with some of the top companies to develop industry-leading suspension. It’s builders like Satya who keep pushing the boundaries of performance-based customs and continue to check the often complacent industry to the fact that the world is not flat and straight, and going around corners hard and fast is paramount to anything else. This year will not be the last we hear from Satya because his creations will continue to push the envelope for many more years to come.

As custom-bike builders, we exist and operate in a world that is consistently trying to improve. As a motorcycle enthusiast, one thing is certain: Once you’ve experienced a taste of performance and felt the full capabilities that only a custom build can provide, it becomes the single most important part of what you want to ride. Once you push a machine’s capabilities to the limits, a whole new world of riding seems to open up. Then when you have the confidence to hop on that same bike for a 500-mile ride in a day and know that while you are out on the road you won’t run across any other machine like it, it is quite empowering.

With this 2001 Harley-Davidson FXD, I wanted to build the closest thing I could to a rocket ship. The motor was built to complement the handling and overall geometry of this Dyna. With that in mind, the motor needed to be something special, so I called on my friend Dave Bozzie for his expertise. With the help of Feuling Parts, S&S Cycles, and Delkron, we set out to build a high-revving, snappy 107-inch monster motor. For starters, we eliminated almost 4 pounds out of the flywheel, and then we polished, welded, and balanced it. While maintaining the stock stroke, Dave added displacement with bigger cylinders and pistons. Feuling Parts provided on of its complete Bulletproof Geardrive Cam Chest kits, Beehive valve springs, and Titanium Keepers. The heads had about a week’s worth of work on them alone. When we were finished, there’s a powerband that hits at 4,100 rpm that simply snaps your neck back before it revs out to 8,000 rpm with a very smooth-climbing torque curve.

“When you have the confidence to hop on that same bike for a 500-mile ride in a day and know that while you are on the road you won’t run across any other machine like it, it is quite empowering.”

The Carbon Fiber BST wheels also made a huge difference with spin up and braking. The reduction in weight really makes the bike feel and act very light. We machined a one-off billet trellised swingarm out of 7075 aluminum that sits at a steeper angle and adds about 2 inches of height in the back of the bike. This increase gives a lot of ground clearance and steepens the neck angle to improve agility and cornering ability. The fully adjustable Ohlins shocks suck up bumps and stabilize the rear end of this beast quite nicely. Obviously in the front we are running our signature Kraus Dynamoto Inverted Front End with Ohlins forks and Beringer radial brake calipers. This bike doesn’t only handle amazing, but it goes fast and stops with extreme quickness.

Since completing the bike, I’ve done some big road trips on this Dyna, usually making sure to find the windiest roads to travel on. It handles the big, open highways like a big bike should but also pitches into the corners with ease and confidence. It tracks very well, and I have not found any sort of handling issues. The bike is tight and crisp and does not have the typical sloppy feeling of a Harley. As far as I’m concerned the bike does everything it was intended to do with flying colors. Total success!

Although every component on this Dyna has its place to create a successful system, the front suspension is the most dramatic improvement over stock. We developed the Dynamoto Inverted Front End as a complete bolt on suspension upgrade for Harleys. We have inverted front end applications for Dynas, FXR’s, Sportsters, and Softails and Baggers.

The Kraus Billet Swingarm is machined from High Strength 7075 aluminum and is far more ridged than stock and just about half the weight.

Dynamite is running our Kraus Rear Radial Caliper Adaptor with Beringer four piston caliper and a 300 mm rotor. You can't miss the fully adjustable 14.25" Ohlins piggy back rear shocks

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