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KRT Touring Inverted Front End Kit

SKU: ST-INV-A64-A-B-02

Temporarily Out of Stock. Please call (707) 595-0950 for availability.

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2019 Harley-Davidson Road-Glide
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2019 Harley-Davidson Road-Glide
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Product Description

Using advanced engineering and high quality manufacturing in the USA, the Kraus KRT Inverted Front End offers the Harley-Davidson™ enthusiast the option to convert their Harley FLH/FLT into a finely tuned, great handling Sport Touring motorcycle.

Kraus KRT Inverted Front End Kits are designed to bolt up to stock FLH/FLT models , allowing the ability to run factory/stock* wheels, Brakes and bodywork if desired. Upgrading to Radial Calipers is easy with the option of Radial Caliper Mounts. Any qualified technician can easily install Kraus suspension products.

Kraus Motor Company kits come complete for stock fitment*. Appearance options include either Black or Gold forks and Black Anodized or Machine Finish Components. Check out the color options tab for more information.

Touring Trees DO NOT include Lock Set, and must be purchased separately.

Standard Length is 1/2˝ over stock length. Plus 2˝ is 2.5 inches over stock length.

*All KRT Front Ends come with a 25mm axle. If your bike has a 1” axle you will need to convert the wheel bearings to 25mm.

Additional Features

Complete with:

We recommend using a composite fender to reduce unsprung weight.

Sport Touring Technology for your Harley-Davidson

Suspension is the most important performance upgrade that can be made to a Harley-Davidson™. The improvements in stability, traction control and brake dive directly affect how a motorcycle handles; and this translates to rider enjoyment and safety.

This new era of Harley-Davidson™ performance baggers is creating an exciting time for the motorcycle industry, and for Kraus as well. The Kraus Motor Company is proud to help advance the Harley-Davidson™ aftermarket industry with top quality functional products, designed and made right here in the USA, our home.


Direct bolt-on fitment for all 2000-Up Harley Davidson Touring Models:

  • FLHR Road King
  • FLHT Electra Glide
  • FLTR Road Glide
  • FLHX Street Glide
  • Limited
  • Ultra

May fit other models. Contact us for more information.

Depending on some configurations other components may be needed. For a Radial brake upgrade, you will need Radial 108mm Calipers, Caliper Hardware, and Caliper Spacers, Radial Calipers will work with stock size rotors or easily upgrade to a larger 320mm or larger rotor.

Installation Instructions

Color Options

  • Black Forks / Anodized Black Components: - Black Forks - Black Tree's - Black Fender Mounts - Black Caliper Mounts
  • Black Forks / Machine Finish Aluminum Components: - Black Forks - Machine Finish Tree's - Machine Finish Fender Mounts - Machine Finish Caliper Mounts
  • Gold / Anodized Black Components: - Gold Forks - Black Tree's - Black Fender Mounts - Black Caliper Mounts
  • Gold Forks / Machine Finish Aluminum Components: - Gold Forks - Machine Finish Tree's - Machine Finish Fender Mounts - Machine Finish Caliper Mounts

Why Inverted?

Why an Inverted front fork suspension is superior to a conventional (tube & slider) front suspension

Front forks on a motorcycle need to be as rigid as possible, to function as effective suspension parts. They also need to be as light as possible.

An inherent advantage of inverted forks is their weight, they're lighter than conventional front ends. A steel fork tube is the heaviest part of a traditional fork assembly. By design, inverted forks have shorter and thinner walled fork tubes. This results in less steering inertia and more responsive handling feel.

One more benefit, inverted front ends deliver better compression and rebound dampening than conventional designs. Oh, and one more big benefit when you compare invented front ends against the conventional front (tube & slider) ends is their strength.

Inverted forks, by design are stronger than conventional front end assemblies

Most of the stress applied to forks occurs just below the bottom triple tree. When you pull the brake lever you are “braking the wheel” and the bike slows because the front wheel is attached to the front suspension. The momentum of the bike transmits through the forks, trying to push the front wheel.

Think of the force being exerted upon a steel fork tube, just below the lower triple tree, now think of that same force on an inverted front end - clearly the inverted front end is stronger, by far, the tube absorbing those forces is of a much greater diameter.

Inverted forks are exponentially more rigid because they mount the larger diameter “slider” to the triple tree. Conventional forks mount to the triple tree via the smaller and heavier steel fork tube.

The much more rigid (compared to a steel fork tube) slider makes up a higher percentage of the overall length in an inverted front end. This design benefit reduces flex and improves handling and feel, what we call “connectedness” when compared to a conventional design..

Additionally, inverted forks are stronger because they have more overlap – the distance the fork tube protrudes into the slider – than conventional forks. The more overlap, the more rigid the front fork assembly.

Clearly, you can see why we are such fans and proponents of the inverted front fork design!! There is no reason we all can’t enjoy the benefits of a well built and designed front suspension. KRAUS is working hard to bring these big benefits to the riders that need and will appreciate them most, the Long Riding touring set and the Dyna Tough riders!

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