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Kraus Motor Company Customers: Who are they?
As a research, design and manufacturing company Kraus has a clear understanding of just who our products are serving and who they are designed to appeal to. As business people we have a good understanding of who we are working for - in other words, just who is a Kraus Motor Company Customer.Do you own a Harley-Davidson™: Dyna, FXR, FLH or FLT?If you do, you are our potential customer. Our focus is in creating functional improvements for specific Harley-Davidson™ models.Do you work on …
Lone Star - American Performance Redefined
Starting with a standard Harley-Davidson Dyna and transforming it to possess Ducati-like handing is not an easy task for a builder. Unless that builder is Satya Kraus. For years Kraus Motor Co. has been building some of the most amazing handcrafted bikes for show and go, but this is the first time Satya has set his sites on a stock Harley in which to do so. And he did it for Hot Bike Magazine's Hot Bike Tour Invitational Build-Off. As you can see this bike does retain some of the looks of a …
Individuality Defined — Bolide Custom Build
Designed in the spirit of Tourist Trophy. Engineered and built as a complete road ready and high performance machine. Bolide has a classic look, top of the line performance components, and a raw metal finish. It has everything you need and nothing you don't.The first time I was contacted by the future owner of Bolide I immediately got a picture of this bike in my head. We talked about different style bikes and riding. We got into his lifestyle a bit and talked about his other passions. He helped …

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