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Kraus T-Bars on a Street Glide Special │ Parts Detailed
Up-close look at a 2018 Street Glide Special with a Kraus T-Bars Setup. Parts include the 10"  Kraus Isolated Risers, T-Rex Pull-back Plate, and FM Fly moto style Bars. Custom Harley-Davidson build also includes a lot of other parts such as lighting, seat, and exhaust. Support Matt Laidlaw's Channel: Song: "At Large" Music from Epidemic Sound ( #Kraus #HarleyDavidson #T-bars …
Kraus HD Born Free 2019 Street Glide
We have teamed up with Harley Davidson to build another bike for the Born Free Show. Our platform for this year’s build is the Street Glide Special, a very capable bagger right off the dealer floor. Harley, as we have all seen as of late, has been listening to their customers and is putting out some of their best work ever, the Street Glide Special being no exception. Our build sports the new Pro-Line and ERG lines, featuring handlebars, floor boards, covers and more. We're running the KRT Inver …
The Pursuit of Perfection: Kraus Moto's Balanced-Built Dyna
If there’s one builder in the industry who favors function over form, it’s got to be Satya Kraus. Satya has a firm belief that all bikes should be able to perform utilizing the latest technology available and not just look pretty sitting still at a bike show or parking lot. He has built a reputation as one of the leaders in V-twin technology, working hand in hand with some of the top companies to develop industry-leading suspension. It’s builders like Satya who keep pushing the boundaries of p …
Carey Hart's Superteam Builds A Custom Indian Springfield
Five builders from different garages all over the US assemble to build an Indian Springfield in Carey Hart’s Central California garage. Freestyle motocross legend Carey Hart and his best buddy Big B have been assembling V-twins for a few years now. They came out on the Hot Bike Tour with us a couple of years back and the crowds have always loved their bikes, but they make no attempt at hiding the fact that they aren’t fabricators. They have found success outsourcing the one-off fab work and …
Achuma: Built for a Lifetime of Use
The raw metal bronze finish of the frame will change, darken and naturally patina with life. The raw aluminum sheet metal will take on different shades as it oxidizes as the owner re-cleans and re-polishes it. The weld joints in the stainless parts will change color with time. Dirt and oil will find its way in and live in those hard to clean places. Achuma was built with the intention that age would set in. That the battle scars of real road use would take their place and give spirit to the …

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