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Road Glide

Pro Kit for 2014-Up Road Glides



If you're looking to keep your Road Glide stock plastic gauge cover (Nacelle) and just add a MotoBar & Riser setup then this is the setup for you.

The Road Glide Pro Kit offers everything you need in one easy package. A great handling bike starts with ergonomics and body position. It doesn't matter how fast your bike will go or how fast you can stop if you don't have comfortable control over your machine you don't have real performance.

A Complete Kit Includes:

  • Raptor 1-1/2" Pull Back Plate / Black Anodized or Machine Finish
  • Kraus Isolated Risers (Straight or Kickback) / Black Anodized or Machine Finish
  • 1-1/8" FM Fly Moto Style Bars OR ODI Podium V-Twin / Moto Handlebar
  • Pro-line Perch Half Clamps

Optional Add-ons

  • Kraus RG Billet Gauge Bezel - Black Anodized or Machine Finish
  • RG Speedometer Instrument Extension Harness
  • ODI V-Twin Lock-On™ Hart-Luck Signature Full-Waffle Grip Set

This setup bolts directly to your stock triple tree and relocates your risers so they will clear your gauge pod (Some modification of the Nacelle is needed).

The raptor plate and Kickback risers together offer a total of 3" of pullback which creates a very comfortable riding position.

The total hand position height of this setup measured from the top of the stock triple tree listed below.


  • Add 1" to total height with T-Rex Pullback Plate
  • Add 2" to total height with a Raptor 1-1/2" Pullback Plate
  • 8" Riser option with Fly Bars = 12.5" total
  • 10" Riser option with Fly Bars = 14.5" total
  • 12" Riser option with Fly Bars = 16.5" total
  • 8" Riser option with ODI Bars = 14.5" total
  • 10" Riser option with ODI Bars = 16.5" total
  • 12" Riser option with ODI Bars = 18.5" total


  • 2014 and up Road Glides.
  • Bar/Riser Clamp Fitment:
    • 1-1/8" FM Fly Moto Style Bars: Fits 1-1/8" riser clamp ONLY
    • ODI Podium V-Twin / Moto Handlebar: Fits 1" and 1-1/8" riser clamp

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