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Kraus Öhlins Harley Suspension: Design Standard for Performance

Driving American Ambition

At Kraus Motor Co., we aren’t simple salesmen, part pushers, or yet another soulless addition to the motorsports aftermarket; we're creatives, purists, and enthusiasts—just like you.

We're a team of passion-driven fanatics that embody the spirit of American ambition, setting out to not just compete with other entries into the American V-twin aftermarket but outperform them. Our quality, passion, expertise, and dedication to excellence are unmatched, as is our love for the Harley-Davidson motorcycles we seek to refine.

With such unwavering passion, it only makes sense to pair with one of the leaders in motorsports suspension—a company equally invested in offering innovative, dominant, and competition-proven products.

Re-Defining an Industry

With over 57 years of combined motorsports experience, Kraus Motor Co. and Öhlins Racing set the standard for performance-engineered suspension, bringing unparalleled handling to the leading name in the American V-twin market–Harley Davidson.

While the prestigious on and off-road racing lineage of Öhlins' high-end dampers kick off the race, Kraus' industry-leading innovation, world-class designs, and precision manufacturing bring you through the finish line at pace.

Whether gunning for a podium finish or ripping through canyons with a lean angle that’d make a Ducati blush, Kraus and Öhlins' ambitious collaborative efforts redefine the limitations of the American V-twin, inspiring confidence behind the handlebars like no other.


Experience Your Ride for the First Time

Kraus/Öhlins suspension offers superior performance at an affordable price point, providing a cost-effective package that blends Öhlins reputation for innovation and quality with Kraus' unparalleled engineering, fit, and finish.

So what are you waiting for? Browse our extensive inventory of Kraus/Öhlins suspension to gain the aggressive stance and impressive performance you've been craving from your V-twin. Experience the craze for yourself; we guarantee you won't regret it.

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