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Igniting the Performance V-Twin Movement

“I look around, I look around, and I see lots of new faces…” Tyler Durden, Fight Club

Here at Kraus Motor Co. we take a lot of pride in what we do. Each individual in our company has a role in bringing you the finest Original American Precision Manufactured parts we can produce.


We take pride in knowing that the parts we create are Original. We have spent thousands of hours in research and development to engineer parts that, from the very beginning of the Performance Bagger movement, are designed to make your bike perform at its highest level.

We designed and engineered our parts from the beginning because they didn’t exist and we continually refine our manufacturing process to bring you cutting-edge performance.


From the trucks bringing in our USA sourced billet aluminum, to the American-Made CNC machines that run 24/7, to our highly specialized staff, to our dedicated delivery system, we take absolute pride in using the highest quality, American sourced materials to create the finest, American-Made products for your American-Made V-Twin machine. We do not outsource parts that we can make in our shop. Very few companies can make the same claim.


From the very beginning of Kraus Motor Company, the unrelenting drive to produce the highest quality, best performing parts comes from our method. From Research and Development, multiple runs of pre-release products, constant re-evaluation of production runs and consistent quality checks define our style in doing business. Each time you order a Kraus product, from raw American billet to your finished product, each part passes through multiple levels of quality control. When we package your order, we know we have done our best work to bring you the best experience possible.


First and foremost, we are a machine shop, running the latest CNC technology, with one of the hardest working crews in the USA. It’s not that we aren’t interested in getting to know our customers, it’s that we are hitting it hard every day, all day long. On the rare occasion that someone just stops by, we always hear “damn, you guys are busy.” In the end, it is what we are: American Precision Manufacturing in motion.

We know that as time goes on, more and more shops will try to continue to mimic, “improve on,” or even flat out duplicate our efforts. We also know that when you see, feel, and experience Kraus for yourself, you will know that we are an American Original and we stand by the claim that we were there in the beginning of the Performance V-Twin movement and we plan on being here for the long run.

~your team at Kraus Motor Co

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